Let's Get Lost in the Woods

by Dogwood Daughter

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This was one of the first songs I ever wrote. My husband says it is still his favorite. I wrote in when I was sitting in my car, waiting for my son to finish his shift as a snake catcher. Yep, both of my sons worked as snake catchers in middle and high school in a program to track snakes at the UT Arboretum. I was parked close to an enclosure for injured raptors, it was getting dark and and the woods felt a little spooky. That's when this little song came to me and I wrote it down on a scrap of paper in the car. I recorded it in my living room the next day while my husband was at work and my sons were at school. That was before I had a studio. You can hear me turn on the recorder a fraction of a second before the music starts. I was going through old stuff today, found it, decided to master and release it. MM


Let's get lost in the woods
Can you take me there?
Can you take me there?
Alone with you in the woods
Would be very good
Let's get lost in the woods
Like a fairy tale
Like a fairy tale
Alone with you in the woods
Would be very good

The woods are dark and deep
Can you take me there
Where we can share
A love that's wild and sweet
Can you take me there tonight?
We'll make a bed of leaves
A bed so soft
A bed so deep
With moonbeams we will weave
A sheer and silver sheet


Beneath the arms of the trees
In a secret place
Then we'll embrace
No one will ever hear
No one will ever see
They may search high and low
They'll never know, they'll never know
Alone our love will grow
Under stars our love will grow


Let's play house in the woods
You'll be the man
I'll be the wife
Let's play house in the woods
You can take me there tonight

© Martha Maria aka Dogwood Daughter


released June 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Dogwood Daughter Oak Ridge, Tennessee

I'm Dogwood Daughter, also known as Lily Cat Music for Kids, Martha and Mom. I work from my little studio behind my house in the Cumberland Mountains. I'm a one woman operation: I write all the music and lyrics, play and sing all parts. I record for my general audience as Dogwood Daughter and produce children's music as Lily Cat Music for Kids. LOTS of music on my website, please visit! Thanks. ... more

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