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Angels in the House - Music from the Three Angels Project (Please click on individual tracks for the complete story of this project. Thanks​!​)

by Dogwood Daughter

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I Believe 02:30
I believe in miracles The ones not yet fulfilled The ones that never happened The ones that never will And I believe in hope I choose hope over fear Even as I shuffle Through the fog of waning years Weaving toward the chasm Stumbling toward the deep I'm drunk on holy water My chant is I believe copyright 2011, Martha Maria, Dogwood Daughter


I'VE MADE THIS A PAY WHAT YOU WANT DOWNLOAD FOR PERSONAL USE. PLEASE, NO COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Copyright Martha de la Garza Fowler, AKA Dogwood Daughter. I'm an indie artist with no advertising other than kind folks like you. Please tell someone else about Dogwood Daughter. Thank You, Martha Maria

How the Three Angels Project began:

On February 9th, 2011, I got a message from my friend Terri: "Martha, look at your e-mail." And so I did. Terri was forwarding a letter that she had received from her friend LeeAnn, who had received it from her friend Tery, who had received it from....well, you get my drift. Yes, it was a

The Chain Letter


I am so glad you agreed to host he angels after me!! I think this
will be a wonderful experience for both of us.

My request is that if you accept this opportunity, that you carry
it out to its completion.

Here is the letter that precedes the angels. If this is something
of which you do not wish to partake at this time, let me know ASAP,
as I will pay forward this gift to another. The feedback I have
received from people who I trust who have done this is pretty
extraordinary. So, be clear with your intentions and open to
receiving whatever is for the highest good at this time.

Please read this letter carefully and begin to prepare for your
sacred time with the Angels! These Angels leave me on Sunday, Feb.
13th , 2011 at noon US Eastern time, and will go to you and stay
with you for 7 days, beginning on Sunday Feb 13th, 2011, at noon
US Eastern Time time until Sunday February 20th at noon US Pacific
time. You would then transfer them to your 3 people.

This story came from a woman named Irma from Germany who is a
medium. These Angels were channeled to her after watching the
movie, "Pay It Forward" that was made in 2000. She said that these
Angels are chosen Angels, and that there can be a big difference
between Angels. The film is about a boy named Trevor (acted by
Haley Joel Osment) who gets homework from school to change the
world. After a lot of thinking, he decides to help 3 different
people with something they could not deal with alone. When he has
finished his "homework" he does not accept payment, but instead asks
them to do the same for others. "Pay It Forward" does something
good for 3 people. They will keep it going and that will do
something good for 9 people and onwards. In that way the good
influence will magnify. By keeping this good deed going, you will
take part in making the world a better place.

These Angels ask you to be ready to greet them and to accept their
help for 7 days and then to please send them forward to the next
guests, your 3 friends or loved ones. You can have the Angels help
you with any project that you need help with in the 7 days they stay
with you. These Angels will work with you for 7 days and then you
will send them to 3 of your friends when the time is done. (Let
your friends and family know soon because the 7 days pass by quickly
and they need to be ready with their requests and supplies and the
names of their 3 people to pass this on to.)

I will bid farewell to the Angels sent to me on Sunday, Feb 13th,
2011 at noon US Eastern time. At that time they will come to you--
at noon US Eastern Time. To welcome them, there is a small ceremony
you will do at your home to greet them.

1. You pick a place in your home to place the following:
2. One white candle that you have blessed.
3. One white flower or a plant with white flower(s) next to the
4. 3 requests written down and put in an envelope.
5. Name and addresses of the next 3 people you are sending the
Angels to, put in the same envelope.
6. One apple put on top of the envelope
7. Before you greet the Angels, light the candle and tend to it
while the Angels are with you.

If the candle should finish, you can start a new one. Keep a white
candle burning while they are with you. You can put it out while
you are not home and relight it or light another one when you
return, just bless it again. At noon US Eastern time on Sunday Feb
13, 2011, you open your door (literally) and welcome the Angels by
"Be welcome and come in, Angels that Lee Ann sent me, who
received them from Tery. Thank you for coming here to
protect my place and all the people & beings who will enter here in
peace and tranquility. Thank you for choosing me and my life and my
loved ones to spread joy, love, wisdom, blessing and energy to us
all. Thank you also for wanting to assist and make manifest my 3
requests that lay on my heart".
The Angels stay with you for 7 days. On Sunday, February 20, 2011,
at noon US Eastern time, you open your door and send the Angels with
love to your friends that you clearly announce by name and address.
If you are unable to be home when they depart, please take the names
and addresses with you--At noon US Eastern time, picture yourself
opening your door, thank the Angels, read the names and addresses
and send them on their way. The 3 people you have chosen will open
their doors on Sunday, Feb 20, at noon in the U.S. time zone they
are in, and keep the good deed going.

With so much gratitude for the presence of these Angels, all the
best with Light, Compassion and much Love to you!


Yes....and second thoughts

To tell you the truth, I usually don't like chain letters and I nearly always say 'no' to them, but for some reason, I unhesitatingly and immediately said 'yes.' By the next day, I was having some second thoughts. "Uh oh," I thought, "Now I've got to find three other people who want to play this game."

Then, I fleetingly worried that I might be unknowingly inviting spirits into my house that were not entirely benign. A little paranoid, perhaps?

I got the dates mixed up. I thought the angels were SUPPOSED to be with me the next Sunday, but I kept wondering why I didn't feel anything. I e-mailed Terri on Tuesday.

In a few minutes, her reply landed in my in box: "No, I'm sorry I didn't make the dates clear. You get them NEXT week....this week, you've been practicing."

That was a relief!


The Angels Arrive

The following Sunday I was prepared. I had the white candle, a white flower, and a beautiful red apple all set out and waiting for the angels. Luckily, I was alone in the house. My husband was skiing in Gatlinburg and I was just as glad he wasn't there to see me open the door and greet three invisible guests.

Watching the clock on the computer, at exactly noon, I opened the front door wide and said, "Welcome Angels! Please come in." My dog watched curiously from the steps.

When I felt that the angels had entered the foyer, I said, "Now listen, I want you to come out here and follow me. You're going to stay in the studio." And with that, I opened the back door and led them out of the house, down the sidewalk, up the steps and through the front door of my music studio.

"I want you guys to stay out here with me and help me in the studio."

I blessed and lit the candle and read the greeting, as instructed by the letter. And so began my week with three angels.

These are the pieces I wrote during the week the angels were with me. I wrote and recorded one every day. As I played them, the titles came to me unbidden...I didn't think about the titles, I just knew what the titles, as if they were a given. All are instrumental pieces, except for the last song, which was written the Monday after the angels departed. I do believe that in some way, these little pieces were inspired by an angelic presence. Call me crazy...or whatever. Skeptical at first, by the end of the week, I was convinced that a loving, benign presence was with me. And I thank the angels for these delightful and healing little pieces.


released September 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Dogwood Daughter Oak Ridge, Tennessee

I'm Dogwood Daughter, also known as Lily Cat Music for Kids, Martha and Mom. I work from my studio behind my house in the Cumberland Mountains. I'm a one woman operation, compose all the music, write the lyrics, play and sing all parts. I record for my general audience as Dogwood Daughter and produce children's music as Lily Cat Music for Kids. LOTS of music on my website, please visit! Thanks. ... more

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